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Prize Money awarded in 10 different categories. Click on each category to read the specifics.


Top Time of the Meet
Top Time: Conventional Motorcycle
Top Time: Open Motorcycle
Top Time: MPH to CC Ratio
Top Time V-Twin: USA
Top Time V-Twin: Japanese
Top Time V-Twin: European
Top Time: Antique Motorcycle
Top Time: Motorcycle Side Car
Best Engineered (as voted by Entrants)
Cleanest & Most Organized Pit Area

More prizes may be awarded depending on sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor an additional prize category please click here.

Hotel Discount

Weekday Rate (Sun-Thur): $19.95 + Tax
Weekend Rate (Fri/Sat): $49.95 + Tax

Includes 2 for 1 Buffet each night

Call Reservations: 800-848-7300

Spectator Entry:

For the chance to see Motorcycle Racing at its fastest come to the Bonneville Salt Flats during our event. Entry only costs $10 per person per day or $30 for the whole week!

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