Salt Conditions:

AUGUST 25th 2008: Our course prep guy is on the salt. The conditions look good following speedweek. There is a little moisture, however this is a bonus to allow us to groom the course without it being too hard. Both courses have been layed out. We will continue to groom and polish the course. The exact length of the long course is still being determined. We will post another update here tomorrow, however we leave the office on Wednesday. Should we be able too- we will post our last report online on Wed morning. All further reports once we leave the office will be left on the office voicemail and can be heard by calling: 530-272-4310. WE ARE ON FOR THE EVENT!

AUGUST 8th 2008: We are hearing reports currently that the International course is dry for 12 miles. Our Mountain course is also dry for the length of the course. WE DO NOT PERSONALLY HAVE A STAFF MEMBER ASSESING THE SALT CONDITIONS. All our reports are through officals from the SCTA and those that are out their prepping the course for Speed Week. We will have one of our course prep staff on the salt to give us daily updates from the 24th August (the day following Speed Week). Please check for the latest salt reports. Please note that the speed week course are layed out in different locations to ours therefore any course conditions may not be applicable to the BUB Speed Trials.