We require that any persons requiring press credentials register in advance. Requests need to be submitted to BUB Racing by August 5th 2011 and credentials will be mailed to you for entry to the Speed Trials. Registration after August 6th date may not permitt time for processing. For late registraiotn please contact BUB Racing by19th to enable a pass to be left at the gate. Registration after that date will be required on-site only and you may be charged a fee for entry to the meet to enable registration.

Those requiring press credentials- click here to download form.

We do permit photography and filming for personal use. All persons requiring permission to photoraph/film for personal use will be required to sign the personal use waiver at the from gate. All persons photographing for commercial, resale, media coverage etc are REQUIRED to complete the press credentail form on this page.

The BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials is an event produced and owned by BUB Racing Inc.
BUB Racing Inc. holds the still photo and video rights to this event. 

Before professionals and other members of the media can make any use of the images recorded at the event, they must obtain permission from BUB Racing Inc. Such written permission will be limited to the particular project described, and may be subject to restrictions and a fee. Written permission can only be granted by BUB Racing Inc.
All professional still and video cameras must be registered.  You must give specific details concerning the use of the photos and video including how and where all footage and shots will be used.
If any participant asks you to stop filming, you must stop immediately. If you continue to photograph or film, you face the possibility of being escorted from the event.
The BUB Racing Inc, name, logo, and specific imagery are the property BUB Racing Inc. Sponsor logos are the property of the individual sponsors.  None of these items can be used in association with any commercial venture, advertising campaign, nor sold or transferred to a third party, without prior written consent from BUB Racing Inc. All publications and broadcast of images shot at this event must include credit to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, and to the American Motorcyclist Association, the sanctioning body of this event.
Any filmmaker who attends the event and has not registered or received approval for their project is trespassing. BUB Racing, Inc. reserves the right to take any necessary action against trespassers. Trespassers have no rights to any use of images obtained at the event.
Members of the media have the responsibility to register at the media center upon arriving on the salt flats.
Members of the media have the legal responsibility to comply with all domestic and international laws concerning copyright, trademark, intellectual property and privacy concerning any recording or filming at the event.